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Bower 2013 Belyuen - Wednesday 18th September: Day 8

It is so hard to say goodbye to Belyuen! Fixing the final screws and painting the shelter, it was finally ready for a celebration. With the tools packed up and the yard no longer a work site, the shelter became the living space that the we had imagined. Alice, Jacinta, Alithia and Patrick were already settled in and enjoying the space when we arrived and happy to tell us they had spent the night under the shelter.

With the project coming to an end it was time to thank Belyuen for welcoming us into their community. To our unexpected pleasure the Jarrock family put on a celebration for us. A spectacular corroboree was performed by the family, including many uncles, aunts, nieces, nephews and cousins. To the sound of the didgeridoo, the clapsticks and the singing, the family danced and invited us up to learn the moves. It was an overwhelming and emotional experience for everyone.

We were joined in the celebration by representatives from Yilli Rreung Housing, Darwin Regional CDEP, Territory Housing and Cliffy from Belyuen Medical Centre.

After sharing so much it is hard to say goodbye to Belyuen and the Jarrock family.

We would like to thank our supporters: Yilli Rreung Housing, Arup, Centre for Appropriate Technology, Stramit, Hudsons, and everyone who helped out on the project.

Cait Jones, Mia Hutson and Zoe Diacolabrianos
Master of Architecture students

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