Our Team

Dr David O’Brien

BPD, BArch (hons), PhD

Senior Lecturer in Architectural Design and Technology

Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning

University of Melbourne

David has twenty-five years experience in the construction field designing and building for both commercial and community based clients. He has project managed the construction of community development projects in Western Australia, the Northern Territory, Queensland, Thailand and Papua New Guinea. David initiated the Bower Studio in 2007 and has more recently co-developed the HomesPLUS initiative.

George Stavrias

B.A (hons), B.Sc, BPD, MArch

George Stavrias is a registered architect and a director of the HomesPLUS program. George has worked as a designer and project manager on six Bower Studio projects in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. His role includes community liaison, project design and documentation, site management and post-occupancy evaluation.

James Neil

James Neil is a registered builder with thirty years experience in sustainable design and construction. James has led HomesPLUS projects in Central Australia and the Cox Peninsular. He designed the Bower composting toilet system and has coordinated projects to install facilities in Papua New Guinea.

Fiona Lew

BPD, MArch

Fiona Lew is a registered architect working with the HomesPLUS program and the designer of the catalogue. As part of the Bower 09 team at the Gudorrka Community Fiona won the 2010 BlueScope Steel Glenn Murcutt Prize for Indigenous Design.

Trevor Galgal

BSc. Forestry, PGDip. Agric.

Trevor Galgal works as a project manager for Bower Studio projects located within Papua New Guinea. Trevor, supported by an extended family, is the perfect ‘Mr Fix it’ solving the most challenging situations.

Deane Woruba

BSc. Agriculture, MPhil
Deane is a sustainable development advocate and has helped coordinate projects in Sipaia and Suanum. He is renowned for knowing the right people in PNG and we call him our ‘aspiring politician’!!

Xavier Cadorel

B. Civil Eng., Grad. Dip. Civil Eng.

Xavier Cadorel is a civil engineer with fifteen years experience and is a leader for the Bower Studio projects in Papua New Guinea. He likes to mention that he is from Brittany in France and enjoys drinking cider.

Graduate Staff

Matt Breen

BPD, MArch
Matt Breen is a graduate of the Master of Architecture program at the University of Melbourne and has worked at the Bellery Springs, Belyuen and Titjikala Indigenous communities in Australia. He has built and undertaken post-occupancy work at the Sipaia Community in PNG.

Zoe Diacolabrianos

Interior Design, BArts , MArch
Zoe has participated in Bower Studio projects working at the Belyuen community on the Cox Peninsular in 2013. Zoe also works on the Bower Farm projects at Dookie.

Ilari Lehtonen

BPD, MArch
Ilari Lehtonen is a graduate of the Master of Architecture program at the University of Melbourne and has built and undertaken post-occupancy work at the Sipaia Community. He manages materials procurement and accounts for Bower projects in PNG and has an Australian Government funded placement administering aid projects in Bangladesh.

Mia Hutson

BArch Studies, MArch, BLArch
Mia has worked on Bower projects in the Northern Territory and was on the design team for the Wave Hill Walk-off Trail project.

Jack Hinkson

BEnv, MArch
Jack has worked with communities in the Northern Territory and helps prefabricate much of our steel work.

Key Industry Partners

The Arup crew!!
James Danatzis, Brendon McNiven and Laura Cantwell.
Arup Consulting Engineers, Melbourne, Australia

Arup generously support the Bower Studio by helping design and certify our projects within Australia. They have also contributed in a ‘hands-on’ way with James coming to Titjikala, Brendon to Amoonguna and Laura to Kalkarindji.