About HomesPLUS

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Bower Homes: Belyuen 2013

The Bower Studio team has developed a program with commercial applications that we call the HomesPLUS initiative. While it is in the development phase it has been trialed it in two communities in the Northern Territory during 2013 and 2014. HomesPLUS is proving to be an effective process to engage small-scaled Indigenous work teams to construct prefabricated community infrastructure in remote locations.

HomesPLUS is framed to facilitate the Indigenous partner’s capacity to identify and assist in the construction of his or her own community infrastructure. While many Indigenous housing and infrastructure programs are known to suffer from cost overruns, time blowouts and user dissatisfaction the HomesPLUS program mitigates risk via purposeful consultation, positive community participation and relevant built outcomes.

The HomesPLUS program builds upon the capacity of Indigenous people to participate in the development of their own infrastructure. The HomesPLUS catalogue, prefabrication process and system of delivery breaks with traditional procurement methods. It aims to be economically self-supporting with cost savings allocated to further Indigenous workforce participation.

For more information about the HomesPLUS program please contact David O’Brien or George Stavrias
(03) 8344 8761